Monday, October 6, 2014

To my Parents and Grandmothers- Thank You!

Before I delve into book and movies reviews, I'd like to thank the people who inspired my love of these hobbies.

To my parents- Thank you for instilling in me the love of reading. I'll bet you didn't know that reading aloud  my favorite Little Golden Book I Can Fly (from the age of 3) countless time and wearing out 3 copies would turn me into an avid reader, but it did! Thank you for all the times you patiently read this dog-eared book to me while you were doing dishes or in line at the grocery store!

Mom- Thank you for reading aloud so many of the children's classics before bedtime. Stories came to life through your voice....I cherish these memories and special times.  Thank you also for the frequent trips to the library and encouraging me to check out books. Because of that I've become a regular at the public library and most librarians know me by name!  :-)

To my Grandmothers:

Grandma Oake- Thank you for all the books you read aloud to me growing up. I have fond memories of story time.  So many wonderful memories of dinner and movies nights at your house! Love hearing your stories of growing up and your memories of the first time you saw certain classic films.

Grandma Sarah-  I would venture to say that my Grandma Sarah is the person solely responsible for my passion for definitive films. Even though she's been gone for 16 years- she left an impact on my life and instilled in me an admiration of movies from Hollywood's Golden age. I remember spending the night at her house and either renting a classic film or watching it on television.  When I was growing up 'AMC' was the 'TCM' of today. My grandmother would tell me trivia either about the film or stars themselves...I hung on her every word and soon found myself immersed into the world of iconic made no difference whether the film was in B&W or color. I was fascinated by the clothes, hairstyles, scenery, and dialogue. I loved it all!
Thank you Grandma for opening the world of movies and imparting to me your love of film!

Intro to BlondeClassic

Hi Everyone!

My name is Emilee- I'm a first time blogger!

I decided to start a blog of reviews on two hobbies I'm most passionate about: reading books and watching Classic movies from Hollywood's Golden Age.

Most of you are probably wondering why I chose to name my blog 'BlondeClassic'- well there's a double meaning...I'm blonde and classic refers to classic books and films I'll be reviewing.

Not all of the books or films I'll be blogging about would be considered 'classics' per say, but are favorites of mine.

I hope that my blog makes you want to find adventure between the pages of a book or get swept away by film.'s to many 'Happy Endings'!