Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Yesterday's Tides is Beautifully Mesmerizing

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Yesterday's Tides from Roseanna M. White is is a dual-time story told in present day WWII and the past during the Great War. I thought it was pure genius to juxtapose these two time periods both dealing with war. This story is everything you want in a book and more. I know, bold words. But, not only is the cover breathtakingly beautiful (it always sets the tone for me!), but the story is equally mesmerizing and brilliantly crafted. Case in point: White manages to gift us with complex characters and worlds that simultaneously overlap. You become so engrossed in both the stories and yet somehow you don't feel like one story competes over the other. This takes great skill to do well and this author delivers, pulling you in from the first chapter. 

This story has all the sweeping historical romance nuances readers have come to expect from Ms. White. In fact, if you've read Ms. White's Shadows Over England and her Codebreaker series you'll be pleasantly surprised to be reunited with previous characters making an appearance in Yesterday's Tides.

Here's a sneak peak: In storyline one, WWII has disrupted Evie Farrow's quiet community of Ocracoke Island when she discovers wounded special agent Sterling Bertrand. Over time. he finds himself drawn to and intrigued by the pretty inn keeper who seems to be keeping secrets of her own. Will Evie and Sterling discover the truth before it's too late? 

In the second storyline, set back is 1914, Remington Culbreth arrives at Ocracoke Inn looking to relax never expecting to fall in love with Louisa Adair, the innkeeper's daughter. With the outbreak of war threating their relationship will they be able to survive what lies ahead?

I won't further spoil how these two stories intertwine. I think you'll be impressed at the deft work Ms. White has created in this book. If you love slip-time historical romances you need to add  Yesterday's Tide to your TBR pile.

I know I've started out daring, and now I'm ending with one more brash statement: I've had the privilege of being on influencer/launch teams for several of Ms. White's series and a few standalone novels, but Yesterday's Tides might be my favorite book to date by this author (I know, but it's true!) and has earned it's place on my 'to keep' shelf... on my to-read-again shelf. If Ms. White is looking for a new historical genre I think she's found it in the WWII genre. 

When you read it, let me know if you agree! 

 Reading is adventure,


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Monday, January 23, 2023

Dear Henry Love Edith has Heart and Humor

 This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive teensy tiny commission for purchases made through these links. I only recommend books and products I love. Thank you so much for the support.

Dear Henry Love Edith marks author Becca Kinzer's debut novel and my 1st book of 2023 and what a delightful book to kick off a year of reading.  The cute cheerful yellow cover caught my eye coupled with the curious plot on the back cover...My initial reaction to Dear Henry Love Edith was it's like You've Got Mail Meets Serendipity. If these rom-coms are your cup of tea you're sure to enjoy this story. 

Edith Sherman was a heroine I felt a kindred spirit connection with because of her old soul mentality. I fond her intriguing, charming, and so relatable. 

Ms. Kinzer's banter between Henry and Edith is on-point and so funny. I like that Henry and Edith both enjoy classic films and have not merely a knowledge of film, but also an appreciation. The author's occasional and subtle film references to classics from Hollywood's Golden age made my movie-loving heart sigh with contentment. In particular her brief reference to Shakiest Gun in the West. endeared her to me because I'd always thought of this Western screwball Don Knotts classic as somewhat obscure, but her referencing it make me feel like she got me as a reader. 

One thing of note, if your looking for a solid gospel thread throughout don't expect it in Dear Henry, Love Edith. Yes, there is reference to living for Christ. but it wasn't overly obvious in my opinion. I was somewhat expecting this because of some of the author endorsements on the front cover are other authors I've read and their books don't have a strong gospel message woven throughout. This fact didn't detract for my enjoyment of Ms. Kinzer's debut novel. In fact, I'm looking forward to more books from this funny and talented author.

If you like to laugh and smile while you read, I urge you to check out Dear Henry, Love Edith.

Here's to all of the amazing reading adventures we'll go on in 2023! 

Reading is adventure,