Sunday, November 17, 2019

Until the Moutains Fall is a Beautiful Story of Love and Redemption

Until the Mountains Fall is the 3rd book in Connilyn Cossette's Cities of Refuge series. 
If you've read book 2, Shelter of the Most High readers are briefly introduced to Rivkah. Recently, widowed her father has her enter into a levirate marriage with Malaki her husband's older brother. 
Secretly, Malaki has been in love with Rivkah for years and "his heart was surging impatiently against his rib cage" (Cossette, 19) at the thought of marrying her. 

Rivkah doesn't share Malaki's opinion, but rather still sees him as the young boy who teased and cajoled her when she was young. Following her friend to the city outside of Kedesh she doesn't know that this reckless action will cost her own freedom. 
Devested Malachi throws himself into the ongoing fight against the Canaanites. 
Will Rivkah and Malaki be able to overcome their pasts to have a future together?

 I have a few confessions to make about Until the Mountains Fall. For me was a slower read and initially, I wasn't even sure that I liked the heroine Rivkah.  There were a couple of moments in the story where I questioned where the author was going with the it, but once I understood the tale resonated with me. However,  by the time I finished the book I was very grateful for this beautiful story of love and redemption. "[They] weathered some damage, but in spite of it all Yahweh brought forth something sweeter than [either] could have ever imagined." (Cossette, 328). 

~~Until the Mountains Fall was provided to me by author herself and Bethany House in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are mine alone. ~~

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Love In The Numbers

I am a big fan of anything about the world wars and that era. So when I had the chance to read and review Roseanna M. White’s new book The Number of Love, I was thrilled!

This book is set three years into the Great War and centers around England’s greatest asset against the war, their intelligence network, which includes field agents risking their lives to gather information, and codebreakers working to crack every German telegram.

This is where we meet Margot De Wilde, a codebreaker who spends her days deciphering intercepted messages and loves it. 

Margot De Wilde finds challenge and reward in her work as a cryptolist supporting the Great War. She excels at solving puzzles and cracking codes. A sudden and unexplained loss and for the first time numbers aren't enough, and I loved how her faith is what brought here through this loss & challenge. 

Meeting Drake Elton causes her to experience feelings she's never felt before because she has never liked a boy & experienced how that feels. 

We meet the hero in this book, Drake Elton, after he is wounded in the field very early in the book. Drake is quickly captivated by the mysterious Margot. He’s smitten quickly by the too-intelligent Margot, but he doesn’t know who she is. He has to work a bit to get to know her name and who she is because they get interrupted during their first meeting. He was instantly connected to her because of her intelligence and deep down he knows she is smarter than he is.

I really enjoyed getting to know Margot in the second book of the Shadows Over England Series (A Song Unheard) where she breaks some needed code and you get a first glimpse at her brilliance.  So I was really excited to read her story.

While I really enjoyed this book & especially the setting for the story, I personally did not connect with Margot and Drake’s loves story as much as I have with so many other of Ms. Whites characters because they were apart for most of the story. For me, I struggled a little that they could fall in love when they had not spent that much time together. While I understood why this was necessary, it made it hard to connect with them as a couple and because of this, the ending felt a little rushed.

Ms. White’s books are always well written, however for me, it did take until halfway through the book to fully get hooked into the story.  But, I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into what being a codebreaker was like during the war, but also how it was being a woman doing this important work during a time when this was mostly a male dominated field.

I absolutely loved how the cover makes sense the more you read the book.  If you love danger and intrigue, then you are going to love this latest book by Ms. White and make sure you take the time to look at the details in the cover, it makes reading it, so much more fun.

~~The Number of Love was provided to me by author herself and Bethany House in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are mine alone. ~~

Sunday, June 30, 2019

More Than Words Can Say Was More Than I Expected

Zacharias "Zach"  Hamilton FINALLY gets his own story in More Than Words Can Say
Readers were first introduced to Zach in More Than Meets the Eye and found themselves swooning over the vigilant, older brother willing to do whatever it took to keep his "patchwork" family intact. 

Now that his adoptive siblings, Seth and Evie, are older and on their own he is finally free to live the life he's always a quiet bachelor.

 His freedom is short lived. Enter sweet, dimpled brown-eyed Abigail Kemp. She's the owner of Taste of Heaven bakery. Determined to keep her family's legacy alive she needs a man's name on the deed to keep her business.  She proposes a marriage of convenience to Zach thinking her troubles will be over. "Choosing a husband was much like choosing a good baguette. One looked for a strong outer shell, a tender interior, and most importantly, a tractability of dough to hold whatever shape the baker deemed appropriate." (Witemeyer, 14).

Fans of Ms. Witemeyer's work have been clamoring for Zach's story ever since meeting him in book one of the Patchwork Family series and as usual she does not disappoint. Zach is a man who feels honor-bound to help others, yet is weighed down by his past sins and doesn't see himself worthy of forgiveness. Likewise, a tragic accident in Abby's past haunts her. Will Zach and Abigail be able to move forward and discover the recipe for love? 
More Than Words Can Say has everything readers love about Ms. Witemeyer's stories. It's a faith-filled, heart-melting romance not be missed. 

.~~ More Than Words Can Say was provided to me by the author herself and Bethany House in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to write  a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are my own.~~

Friday, May 31, 2019

Charming Rom Com

Move aside Sarah Hollenbeck...there's a new heroine in town....Cadie McCaffrey.  The author that brought you The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck returns with a charming and romantic story Wooing Cadie McCaffrey. If you're a fan of rom com films this story is right up your alley. 
"Cary Grant does not exist in my [Cadie McCaffrey's] Millennial world." (Turner,8).  Enter Will Whitaker. From Cadie and Will's meet cue to their  budding relationship the readers are instantly drawn in. 
After 4 years together, Cadie is confident that Will doesn't love her the way she loves him and she breaks up with him.
Desperate to win Cadie back Will tries everything he can think including re-enacting scenes from her favorite romantic comedies.  What could possibly go wrong? 

Once again Ms. Turner deals with issues that Christian's face in society today.  Clever chapter titles move the story forward and make the reader want to read just one more page and one more chapter until you reached the end of the story. 
When I finished Wooing Cadie McCaffrey, I didn't want it to end and I couldn't stop smiling. You need to add this book to your TBR pile if you love romantic comedies. 

~~ Wooing Cadie McCaffrey was provided to me by the author herself and Revell in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and the author .I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are my own. ~~

Hits the Sweet Spot

Christy Award Winning author Becky Wade's third installment in her Bradford Sisters Series is a 'sweet' ending to a charming series.
Youngest sister, Britt Bradford, is an adventurous, independent chocolatier owner of Sweet Art who's always looking to fashion the perfect confectionary creations.
Best friend Zander Ford has loved Britt for thirteen years. He's achieved success and fame as an author yet the one thing he wants...he fears he'll never have.
After traveling aboard for a year and a half, Zander has returned to Merryweather due to his uncle's mysterious death.  Britt and Zander work together to shed light on his uncle's unexpected demise and  uncover the truth.
Will they fall for one another before it's too late?

Sweet on You was an utterly captivating and charming romance between two best friends who fall in love. Ms. Wade has been skillfully building Britt and Zander's relationship since the first book True to You where she plants a seed of their mutual affection. 
If you're one of those readers that is adamant about devouring a series in chronological order you'll be delighted to be reunited with Nora, Willow, and Maddie. 

After finishing the 3rd and final book in the series,the enchanting town and characters that Ms.Wade has created will make you want to grab a few delectable chocolates and start the series over again.  If you're looking books that have romance with a dash of mystery you need to add the Bradford Sister's Series to your 'must reads' book list. 

~~ Sweet on You was provided to me by the author herself and Bethany House in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and the author .I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are my own. ~~

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Champion in All of Us

She's a little bit country...
He's a little bit city...
Opposites attract and sparks fly when Penny Scott and John McCall 
are thrown together against their will...
Or rather, kidnapped.

Abducted at gunpoint by 3 masked men, John and Penny work with each other
 to escape from their captors only to find themselves stuck in the vast wilderness of Nevada.  
Will they be able to allude recapture, discover the reason behind their being held hostage,
 and survive in the wild West? 
Will they both become 'unexpected champions'? 

I enjoyed the unique twist of the "opposites attract" plot line. 
Normally, Ms. Connealy is known for her tough, stubborn, honorable cowboys. 
Her hero, John McCall, was a departure from the majority of her heroes. 
 John or "McCall" as Penny refers to him is a Pinkerton Agent accustomed to living in larger cites 
out East and wearing fancy 3 piece suits.  Penny Scott is also a different heroine than readers are accustomed to expecting from this writer. She is decidedly more rough around the edges, not overly feminine and is more comfortable wearing trousers, boots and a hat. 
 I think because they weren't what I had expected I enjoyed the story more. 
One aspect that kept my interest in the book was the way in which the author has both
 the hero and the heroine learning from one another. 
Penny teaches John wilderness skills, and John in turn shows Penny some tricks at being a 
detective; getting into disguise, playing different people etc. to obtain useful information.  

 I found myself laughing out loud A LOT in The Unexpected Champion
Penny's dry sense of humor and sarcasm tickled my funny bone. 
There were several times she voiced what the reader was thinking
 and this quality made her a memorable character. The Unexpected Champion 3rd and final installment in Ms. Connealy's High Seirra series, and is not to be missed. 

Reading is Adventure,

~~ The Unexpected Champion was provided to me by the author herself and Bethany House in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and the author .I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are my own. ~~

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Return of Devotion: Finding Forgiveness

Scorned gentlewoman Daphne Blackmoor has spent the last twelve years building a life of meaning and purpose raising her son and other illegitimate children. Her world is altered once again when the children are placed in loving homes and Haven Manor, where she works as a housekeeper, changes ownership.
William, the marquis of Chemsford is the new owner. He sees Haven Manor as a place where he can escape from his past, hoping to find peace and quiet. 
Daphne's character struck a chord with me. She's a dreamer, a hard work, an introvert and has a deep love for the children she cares for. The quote below describes Daphne well. "A caretaker, a mother of sorts. Perhaps a friend. More recently a housekeeper. But I don't know who I am when no one else is in the room" (Hunter, 321). 
William and Daphne are similar characters in the fact that they are both running from their pasts and seek refuge in Haven Manor. He finds himself drawn to Daphne. She's unlike anyone he's ever met.
William helps Daphne see that you can live as though you are forgiven, but not be really living your life by just merely existing. 

I was so honored to have the opportunity to read and review, A Return of Devotion. It did not disappoint! I laughed a lot and cried a little, and by the end I found myself so grateful to Ms. Hunter for penning such a beautiful story of forgiveness and learning to live your life there after. 

Reading is adventure,


~~ A Return of Devotion was provided to me by the author herself and Bethany House in return for my honest opinion. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and the author .I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are my own. ~~

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Isn't it Loverly: My Fair Lady Film Review

My Fair Lady graces the silver screen just in time for the post-Valentine's afterglow
in honor of its 55th anniversary.
Prior to its glamourous film adaption, My Fair Lady was a hit on Broadway.
Julie Andrews played the coveted role of cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle.
While up and coming Andrews wanted to play the lead on the screen adaptation,
producer Jack L. Warner didn't want an unknown,
and cast the timelessly beautiful Audrey Hepburn. 
Hepburn was a well-known, Oscar-winning actress who lent an easy elegance to the role of Eliza. The one downfall... Hepburn was not a singer.
Warner Brothers studio decided to use Marni Nixon's singing voice for the vocals.
Nixon's other credits include dubbing for actress Deborah Kerr in both The King and I (1956) and An Affair to Remember (1957). 
 Mixing up a few quotes from My Fair Lady;
"don't sit there like a bilious pigeon, but get your bloomin' arse moving"
and go watch this timeless musical! 

Interesting Film Trivia:

In 2006 My Fair Lady was raked #6 in AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals of All Time.

When Rex Harrison accepted the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Professor Higgins he thanked his "two fair ladies" referring to Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn. (Harrison played the professor on Broadway and on the big screen). 

When Audrey Hepburn entered the set wearing Eliza's ball gown for the first time she looked so beautiful the cast and crew stared at her in silence for a few moments, then broke out in cheers.

During production, on November 22, 1963 Audrey Hepburn announced the assassination of President Kennedy to a shocked and devastated crew. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Searching for You...Conclusion to the Orphan Train series

First book review of 2019!
I was thrilled when Jody Hedlund's 3rd and final book in the Orphan Train series
Searching for You
was published! 

In her first two books the author started dropping breadcrumbs about
the youngest Neumann sister, Sophie.
I was eager to read her story.  

Terrified of being separated from younger 'siblings' Olivia and Nicholas,
Sophie's been on the run for the past two years. Although not related to them (Olivia and Nicholas) by blood she is the only mother figure they've known in their short lives.

Heartbroken and desperate when the children are placed in a separate home,
she turns to family friend Reinhold Weiss for aid. 

Due to his lifelong friendship with the Neumann family,
and because he's always been an honorable man, he agrees to help her. 

Sophie is a very sympathetic character; kind, hard-working and willing to do whatever it takes
to keep her small make-shift family together.
She'd been hurt by what she initially perceived as her older sisters abandonment.
However, she comes to see that they were doing what they thought was best for their family.

When the author made Reinhold the hero of Searching for You,  I was so excited because I felt like I'd gotten to know him well in With You Always (book 1) and Together Forever (book 2)
and he deserves his own happy ending. 

I loved the theme of Searching for You; God can take the broken pieces and make them whole and He doesn't treat us as our sins deserve. The way in which Sophie comes to this realization is beautifully written and probably my favorite part of the story.
"She'd never expected to end up here at this moment.
But God has worked out the details more perfectly then she ever could have imaged."
(Hedlund, 338)   

Looking for emotionally gripping historical stories?
Look no further than the Orphan Train series.  

Reading is adventure,