Monday, November 28, 2022

Delightful Christmas Reads

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I know it's the end of November, but I've been reading Christmas books since October. Something about the cooler temperatures makes me feel like diving into books set during this joyous season.

It's so easy get swept up in the grandeur and romance of this time of year that books and movies portray.  I'll be the 1st to admit at times I do get carried away. Case in point as is evidence by the Christmas novels/novellas I've been reading.

Set during the Victorian era, The Christmas Promise will transport you back to the time of lavish parties and romantic weekends spent at impressive country estates during the holiday season.

While hosting her first Christmas ball since her mother's passing, Lady Ashleigh Arrington never expected to come face-to-face with her childhood nemesis Christopher Campbell, a decade later. Both Christopher and Ashleigh are surprised to find that their mothers signed a secret marriage agreement between their children when they were younger. Since then, Ashleigh and Christopher have grown up, Can they put behind the past behind them and be friends?

Will this marriage contract cause Christopher and Ashleigh to put their dream on hold? 

This story was a wonderful start to my holiday reading deep dive. My only caveat with The Christmas Promise is I felt the romance between Ashleigh and Christopher felt a little rushed. This may be because the story was a novella length. Even with the accelerated love story this didn't distract from my enjoyment of the story or Ms. Meyer's writing. 

I feel like Courtney Walsh deserves the title of "Queen"  of the romantic contemporary  Christmas novels/novellas. This author's Christmas novels will have you laughing, smiling, and will stay with you long after you close the book. 
Last year after reading and thoroughly enjoying A Cross Country Christmas (check it out here). I had high expectations and hopes for A Match Made at Christmas.
I loved the best friend chemistry between Hayes and Prudence and the will they won't they get together vibe.
This is a charming novella and not to be missed this Christmas season if you want to experience pure joy. Isn't that what reading should be about? Pure joy? 

The Christmas Table is author Donna VanLiere's 11th Christmas book.

What sets The Christmas Table apart from her other books is the series is told in dual time. You first read about a couple in 1972 and then present day in 2012. Present day is about Lauren Mabrey who we first meet in The Christmas Town.  

I'm a chronological reader and have read and enjoyed all of Ms. VanLiere's Christmas books. You could probably read them out of sequence, but I feel like you'll get more enjoyment and appreciation because of the way the author introduces characters and their storylines are sometimes spread out through multiple books. 

I could not put The Christmas Table down. Read it over three days and even cried a couple of times in the book. It actually reminded of the TV show This is Us with the way the author weaves the story together showing how our lives are more interconnected then we realize. 

If I had to list a top five favorite Christmas books by Ms. VanLiere it would probably be: The Christmas Shoes (link to my blog on it here), The Christmas Blessing, The Christmas Secret, The Christmas Star and The Christmas Table. Although you can't go wrong with any of her Christmas books. 

I hope you have some festive holiday choices in your TBR pile! What Christmas reads are you enjoying this year? I always love getting new recommendations to checkout! 

Reading is an adventure!