Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Witemeyer's Done it Again..."Full Steam Ahead" Charges Ahead!

I read this book in two days.  Every spare minute I had outside of work, my nose was buried in this book!

Being an avid fan of Ms. Witemeyer's and having read most of her other novels, I had high expectations of "Full Steam Ahead" and the author did not disappoint. Karen Witemeyer seems to get better and better with each new novel she publishes.

"Full Steam Ahead" is set in Texas in the mid-1800's. Nicole Renard is traveling home to be with her ailing father who owns a profitable shipping company. Because Nicole is a woman she cannot inherit her father's company. It would be passed onto her future husband.
So Nicole is sent to New Orleans to try to find a 'suitable' husband that can be an heir and eventually take over her father's business.  Rivals of her father's are after her dowry, the highly praised 'Lafitte dagger' and this causes her to change travel plans.

Nicole takes a temporary position as a secretary for an obsessed- scientist, Darius Thornton.  He is determined to find out the cause of what makes a boiler explode on a steamship due to his being involved in a boiler accident aboard the Louisiana.

The romance that develops between Nicole and her intense, slightly absent-minded employer was so sweet.
I have to admit some of the kisses between Darius and Nicole were swoon-worthy.

Karen Witemeyer is a talented author. Her characters are multi-dimensional,  they have personalities and character flaws; they are relate-able. Her stories have good pacing, Witemeyer doesn't take too long to resolve issues. She also seamlessly weaves the gospel message into her books which I appreciate.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it. Ms. Witemeyer, please keep them coming. Love your books.