Saturday, February 5, 2022

To Treasure an Heiress: A Journey of Finding Your Worth

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Beth Tremayne finally gets her own story in To Treasure an Heiress and it was totally worth the wait! She has a propensity to explore, a desire for adventure and wanderlust. Her excitement and enthusiasm for quests was so infectious and made me wish I was the "adventurous type."  Upon discovering letters and maps on her family's land she reluctantly shares in the search with a man she despises...Lord Sheridan. Beth considers him the "Lord Insufferable Sheridan would probably snatch it all from her if he saw it. Paw through it. Exclaim over each and every article- her search, her clues, her find." (White, 13).  Beth's gumption and determination were qualities I really admired coupled with her evident love for her family made her a heroine to root for, believe in, and enjoy. 

While Beth has a strong dislike for Theodore Howe, Marquess of Sheridan, he finds Beth "...without question the most beautiful woman he'd ever set eyes on " (White, 28). Anytime Sheridan was on the page I found myself laughing because  of the way he thinks and his obvious ploys to try to get Beth to like him. "At this rate, she'd be Lady Sheridan in a decade, at the most." (White, 30). This reference of it taking Sheridan a decade to woo Beth to be his wife was a running joke through the book and was very funny. Beth and Sheridan are drawn together by their mutual wonder for exploration. Soon Beth finds herself seeing Sheridan in a new light and their relationship blossoms.  They had this chemistry on the page that made you want to keep reading and seeing where their relationship goes. 

To Treasure an Heiress was one of those rare books were I was equally as invested in the sub-plot as the plot. One of the most beloved scenes for me was in the sub-plot with Senara and Ainsley (Sheridan's valet) when he gives her a pearl he'd found on one of his expeditions with Lord Sheridan. It's such a beautiful and powerful scene and if we are believers in Christ it reminds us that no matter how much we've sinned Christ sees us as a pearl. "A pearl cannot be stained. No matter how many centuries it sits in the mud, wash it in a bit of water and it's gleaming again." (White, 332). 

If I had one criticism is that the book ended a little abruptly and I would have liked it to be a little longer (Sorry Ms. White) hopefully giving us more insight into Beth and Sheridan's future. 
Also can you please, please do a book about Sheridan's older sisters Millicent and Abbie? I'm so curious to know more about them and their story. The parts they were in the story were some of my favorite scenes. The relationship Sheridan had with his sisters was the perfect blend of familial love and humor. 

To Treasure an Heiress has it all: mystery, maps,  (possible) pirate treasure, and romance. What more could you ask for in a book? 

P.S. I couldn't help but notice the contrast between the two equally stunning covers in Ms. White's The Secrets of the Isles (Cover to the right). I thought they added to the excitement of cracking open the book and reading these stories.  

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