Sunday, July 29, 2018

"Falling for You"...A novel of Second Chances

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Falling for You was well worth the wait!
Model Willow Bradford is taking a break from her high-profile  career to help run Bradfordwood, her family's inn.
Running into ex-boyfriend former NFL Quarterback Corbin Stewart is an unexpected shock and stirs up feelings she thought she'd buried.
Reluctantly, the two of them are thrown together to help solve a decades old mystery.
Willow attempts to resist Corbin's charms, but finds herself falling for him once again.
In spite of their successful careers that place them in the limelight  both Willow and Corbin  remain humble and grounded.

I have to confess the minute I read the heroine was a gorgeous supermodel and the hero was a successful NFL athlete my mind went into stereotype mode.

To my surprise and delight the author took every preconceived notion I had and tossed them out the window.
Ms. Wade sensitively deals with complex cultural issues from a Biblical Christian viewpoint as well.

If you're new to Ms. Wade's books I recommend beginning with True to You, then diving into Falling for You. You'll be transported to a West Coast small town and find yourself caught up in the Bradford sisters lives not wanting to leave anytime soon.

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