Monday, May 2, 2022

The Do-Over is Pure Enjoyment

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This book was just what I needed to make it through the last weeks of winter here in the Midwest. 

The story starts with you getting to know workaholic, career-driven McKenna Keaton who has been on the fast-track to senior partner at her New York law firm until the rug is pulled out from under her and she finds herself taking a leave of absence from her job and flying home to spend time with her family in Durham, North Carolina.  I really liked the Keaton sisters' relationships with each other and their parents. Their family was relatable, not perfect but you get the sense that at the core of the Keaton clan is love and unwavering loyalty and support. 

McKenna initially feels that her family does not understand her, but she comes to realize you can spend "so much time convincing yourself that no one could understand you that you occasionally lose sight of the people trying to understand." (Turner, 282). This understanding gives McKenna a deeper sense of a love and appreciation for her family

While back home, McKenna runs into high school classmate Henry Blumenthal now known as famed documentarian Hank Blume. McKenna has the cutest crush on Henry and it brings you back to your Highschool crush days, if you had one in that time of your life. This quote sums it up adorably  "The unflappable McKenna Keaton had a major, major crush on a boy," (Turner, 72). The chemistry between McKenna and Henry is off-the-charts. 

Henry Blumenthal might be my new favorite hero. I can see why Ms. Turner dedicated her latest release to her hero Henry. Wow! He's pretty swoon worthy. The whole time Henry was on the page I couldn't wipe the goofy grin off my face. 

I genuinely love that Ms. Turner writes about older heroines. It makes you feel like no matter how old you get you are you're never too old to experience the excitement and flutters of love, which is absolutely true. 

The Do-Over is a delightful romance by the brilliant Bethany Turner who is clearly is in her element and at the top of her game combing romantic comedy sprinkling it with her trademark humor and insightful pop-culture references. Having just finished the book I can't stop smiling! 

 The Do-Over is not to be missed if you need a wonderful reading getaway. 

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