Monday, May 6, 2024

For a Lifetime is Constraining and Compelling

Author Gabrielle Meyer's Timeless series is SO good! I loved When the Day Comes and, In this Moment, and was none-too-patiently waiting for book three, For a Lifetime. Let me tell you reader, it was so worth the wait. To gain a fuller picture and greater appreciation, I recommend reading the Timeless series in order. PSA might need some Kleenex handy when reading For a Lifetime. I cried a couple of times while reading this story. 

Grace and Hope are identical twin sisters with the extraordinary ability to time-travel together between 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and 1912 New York City. As their twenty-fifth birthday nears, they face a pivotal decision: to choose one life to keep and one to abandon forever, regardless of the consequences.

Although Grace and Hope are twins, their personalities differ significantly. Grace, the older twin by 15 minutes, is more reserved and mature, always striving to show kindness and do what is right. In contrast, Hope is vibrant and carefree, unconcerned with others' opinions. Grace often feels overshadowed by Hope in both time periods. I appreciated that each chapter set in a different era provides insight into both Grace and Hope as well as a snapshot of life during that time.

I love how the author portrays the deep devotion and love that Grace and Hope had for one another. It made me reflect on my relationship with my own siblings and how grateful I am for the close-knit bond we share.

In 1692, the twins work in a tavern for their father amid the turmoil of the Salem witch trials. Honestly, I think I'd be terrified to live during this time because of how unjustly women were treated.  In 1912, Grace is a journalist for the New York Globe and Hope dreams of becoming the first female aviator.

For a Lifetime had several "I didn't see that coming plot twists" which made the story a page-turning tale you'll be thinking about long after you've closed the book.

I had a realization while reading For a Lifetime. All the themes in the books tie in and flow so beautifully. In When the Day Comes Libby learns to honor God no matter the path/time of life. Maggie realizes In this Moment, how God plans and orchestrates our lives and in For a Lifetime, Grace and Hope learned God created each of us for a purpose, for the time we were born in. All of these messages in this series are so needed and timely in today's society. 

For a Lifetime is a story with a unique twist and an ending you won't see coming and I highly recommend making a must-read on your TBR pile for 2024. 

Because this series is wildly popular, author Gabrielle Meyer announced her Timeless series will have 3 more books! Book 4 comes out in November of 2024. Isn't the cover stunning?

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