Monday, November 27, 2023

Claiming the Cowgirl is a sweet Christmastime Novella


Author Jody Hedlund wraps up her Colorado Cowgirl series with her novella Claiming the Cowgirl part of the Christmas Bells and Wedding Vows: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology

Readers meet Serena Taylor towards in the end of Captivated by the Cowgirl when she’s hired to help Felicity run the Courtney Boardinghouse. She is a widow with a young son and she’s on the run from her former father-in-law who is determined to prove she’s an unfit parent. Her solution: to marry again and give her son a father.

Eligible bachelor Weston Oakley is in no hurry to give his heart away having been burned by love before. Suggesting a marriage of convenience will benefit them both. Serena will gain a father for her son, and he gets his meddlesome family off his back who were convinced he’d never find someone to marry. It’s a win-win. However, both Serena and Weston get more than they bargained for.

Ms. Hedlund crafted such a sweet and heart-melting romance in Claiming the Cowgirl. You find yourself rooting for both Weston and Serena. I admired Serena's selfless attitude when Weston told her she could buy whatever she wanted she thought of others before herself. In turn, I like that Weston sees and appreciates this quality in Serena. 

Both Weston and Serena model generosity and putting others needs about theirs. These qualities had you rooting for them as a couple. I liked that Serena doesn't see Weston's wealth as she can have anything she wants. Instead she's thinking about how to bless the people in his employ. This quality made her someone to admire.  

At the risk of sounding clich√© the romance is what kept me in the story. Neither Weston or Serena had truly experienced love and you find yourself rooting for this kind-hearted couple to realize they are in love with each other. 

Claiming the Cowgirl delights readers with this tender romance and perfectly wraps up Ms. Hedlund's Colorado Cowgirls series with a bow. 

~~Christmas Bells and Wedding Vows was provided to me by the author herself and the publisher in return for my honest review. I received a complimentary copy of the book.  I was not required to write a positive review. All viewpoints expressed are my own. ~

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